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Jeanne Bieri

Jeanne Bieri

1993 – Master of Fine Art, Painting – Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
1971 – Bachelor of Science – Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Past Employment
1995-2005 - Adjunct Professor, Painting, Drawing – University of Michigan, Dearborn, Michigan
Adjunct Professor, Painting - Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan - Design - Henry Ford Community College,
1986 – Present - Maintained a studio

Professional Contributions
Board of Visitors - Wayne State University
M.A.C. - Committee Member
Slippery Weasel Society

2000 – Creative Artists Grant Recipient - Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs
Ewald Library Installation, Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan (Juried, Permanent) Grosse Pointe Artists Annual Exhibition (Best of Show, twice) – Grosse Pointe, Mi.
Gold Medal Award, Scarab Club, Detroit, Michigan - 2007

One Person Exhibitions
Affirmations Gallery, Ferndale, Michigan - 2009
University Liggett School, Grosse Pointe, Michigan - 2008
Paint Creek Center for the Arts, Rochester, Michigan - 2006
Solo Exhibition, Port Huron Museum, Port Huron, Michigan - 2000
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Kansas - 1998
2 Person Exhibitions
Marygrove College, Detroit, Michigan
Sisson Gallery, HFCC, Dearborn, Michigan
Mask Gallery, Hamtramck, Michigan

Selected Group Exhibitions
University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
Harvest Gold - Detroit Contemporary, Detroit, Michigan
Anton Center for the Arts, Mt. Clemens, Michigan
Michigan Fine Arts Competition, BBAC, Birmingham, Michigan
Issues of Containment, Downriver Council for the Arts, Taylor, Michigan
On, In, Up, Of - Four Installations, A.C.,T. Gallery, Detroit, Michigan
Creative Artists Grant Exhibition, Padzieski Art Gallery, Dearborn,Mi
Plaiedes Gallery, New York, New York (juried)
Fourteenth Annual Michigan Biennial - Kresge Museum, Lansing, Michigan
By a Thread - Buckham Gallery, Flint, Michigan
Undefining Painting – Detroit Artists Market, Detroit, Michigan
Detroit - Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois

Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Ann Arbor, Lansing Journal, Kansas City Star, Real Detroit, Detroit Home, Grosse Pointe News, Hastings Banner, Barry County Reminder, Port Huron News

Pfizer Corporation , State of Michigan, Museum of New Art, Gyro Design, Grosse Pointe Park Fouindation, Rose DeSloover, Jack White, Robert Bielat, Skip Davis, Judith Solomon , Kenneth Dzubia, Louis Redstone Collection, Richard Rollins, Christine Biegas, Christine Hagedorn, William Zeising, Christine Zantop, Peter Williams, Dan Haddad, Jim Lucky

Art-making is visual problem solving. Its language is image and material. The materials are finite, the solutions infinite. The process juggles a finite set of materials with an infinite assortment of solutions in reaching a plausible conclusion. Relationships are the focus of this process and time figures prominently because the process centers on time-based seeing.

Art making asks, how do you take the mundane and create a truth? How do you create this truth over space, distance and time? It records a series of visions, one overlaying the other to depict a particular truth. How do you sift the visual through personality, style and perception? And finally, communication, how do you tap the viewer to become engaged?

The particular truth, that is my truth, is grounded in my experience and personality. It is a document of my response to a particular experience. The problem posed is framed and explained by the art-making and through the interaction of material, experience past and experience present, the finished work documents the journey. Its authenticity is based on my fidelity to those experiences along the way. Truthfulness is the essential.

Art making studies the here and now and at the same time taps into history. It takes multiple dimensions and condenses them into their most essential elements. My interest is in discovering a story that although unfamiliar engages me. The final work reflects this meditative journey of discovery and combines the real with the intuitive; it mixes the realities of the world with the intuitive suggested by reality. The problem tackled is how are these elements recorded and all but the essentials eliminated?

Art making is a task that recognizes conscious insights that tap the intuitive sub layer of my experience and weaves a composite of visual information that asks the viewer to become engaged with my particular point of view. It is my vision presented to the viewer, with just enough information to engage them, to give nod to their own set of observations drawn on their set of experiences.

It is visual problem solving that prioritizes relationship formed by experience, memory and intuition. The art work is bracketed by technical skill and reflects the decisions made to create a visual diary.

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