Friday, October 21, 2011

Weasel Projects

Because that's what weasels do. They make projects.

Carl Butler - The Seven Stages of Anger

Carl Butler - Untitled (Summer 2011)

Carl Butler - Untitled (Summer 2011)

Carl Butler - Untitled (Summer 2011)

The Truth of the Matter - Origins

The truth of the matter is that the “slippery weasels” were a rival faction to the notorious Purple Gang that terrorized Detroit during the prohibition era. Rum running characters and wiseacres such as Gus “Curly Top” Skinner, Marty “Pars Fortuna” Brent, and Charlie “Two Chins” Abbelskeevers headed the “vermin ermine” as they were collectively known in the local press. These generals organized a crime wave that was utterly disastrous in terms of crimes committed and subsequent time served for felonies both real and imagined. One singular problem was the insistence on the part of the criminals to use stockings in the execution of their criminal behavior. Hosiery was not put over their heads to thwart identification, but rather worn on their legs to aid with swift and deliberate escape from the scene of the crime (not to mention the intention of making a fashionable exit).
The Slippery Weasel Society became a loosely organized collection of gangster groupies; it was a big draw for curious thrill seekers, who were motivated in large part by the societies “clothing optional” Tuesday night meetings. It should be noted that Society members then and now demonstrate a noticeable lack of social propriety when it comes to liquor, improvisational music and anyone with a reasonably charming smile.

A vintage photograph of some original society members.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Slippery Weasel Society - Seven

Slippery Weasel Society Exhibition
Jeanne Bieri
Carl G. Butler
Treena Flannery Ericson
Mary Fortuna
Matthew Hanna
Andrew Krieger
Faina Lerman

Cass Cafe
4620 Cass Avenue
Detroit MI 48201

November 5, 2011-January 7, 2012

Opening Reception:
Saturday, November 5th 7-10pm
Music by Ben Teague, Andrew Thompson and Nate Brent

The Slippery Weasel Society is preparing to occupy the Cass Cafe. We're moving in with a new gallery show called Seven. Why Seven? Because that's how high we can count. And there are seven of us weasels participating in this show. And that was a pretty good flick that featured some fairly creepy serial killer artwork and some fine performances by the likes of Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey. Not that we're creepy, or serial killers, or Morgan Freeman. We're weasels. And we're slippery. And for this show at least, there are seven of us.

You have been warned.

p.s. There will be some tasty music provided by Andrew Thompson/He Bops; Nate Brent; and Ben Teague. Again... you have been warned.