Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weasels at Large

Several distinguished members of the Slippery Weasel Society appear to have met with a gruesome fate of unknown origin. Either that, or they've gone underground, preferring to putter in their dens, inscribing tortured manifestos upon the raw lumber walls rather than reveal their latest Projects to their adoring fans. Perhaps they have come to believe they are too good to associate in public with their Weasel brethren. Could this be a splinter group of some kind, a faction preparing to bail on their brothers and strike out on their own? No matter. We shall spit bile upon the ground as we curse their names, even as we toast their memories with strong liquor and pine deep in our scurvy hearts for their company and, dare I say it, their approval.

Among the missing:

Todd Erickson

Jerome Ferretti

Arturo Rodriguez

Alison Wong

Graem Whyte

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